Training and Consulting

Melody Chatelle

Chatelle and Associates specializes in creating and delivering training and consulting programs designed to meet the specific needs of its clients. Led by Melody Chatelle, Ph.D., a 30-year veteran of both private and public sectors, we specialize in:

  • Political consulting and lobbying
  • Public affairs and communication strategies
  • Leadership and business development

Chatelle and Associates has an extensive background in training and consulting, including work with large corporations, small businesses, national and state professional trade associations, for- and non-profit businesses, and individuals wishing to improve their effectiveness.

Author and Book Highlighted in Article: Listening with the Heart

“...a compendium of wisdom offered from the mouths of babes and served to the reader in the form of fascinating and at times heart-wrenching vignettes.”
— Bob Lively, Austin American Statesman

Journeys of Heartache and Grace

Journeys of Heartache and Grace

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